Overview of India
15% CAGR
over the last 5 years in the retail sector in India
1.3 crore
number of retail outlets in 2014, the highest in the world
4 crore
individuals directly employed in the sector
₹11,25,000 crore
(US $168.5 billion)
Estimated size of the modern trade market in India by 2020
₹4,38,000 crore
(US $65.6 billion)
Estimated size of the online retail in India by 2020 (in Gross Merchandize Value)
Destination Andhra Pradesh
33% of GSDP
Contribution to GSDP from the retail sector in 2012-13
growth rate of the retail sector in Andhra Pradesh from 2004-05 to 2012-13
10 lakh
retail stores in Andhra Pradesh
16,600 new retail stores
expected to open in Andhra Pradesh by 2017
AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC)
established under the Companies Act 2013 to skill 20 million people in 15 years
₹10 crore
Funds available for the Skill development programs in the state
World-class warehouses/distribution centers to be setup on PPP basis
Retail logistic hubs
In the state by promoting warehouses and distribution centers
Technology competitiveness
Andhra Pradesh has been facilitating growth of IT enabled services through proactive measures
in ease of doing business
By World Bank
Skilled labour workforce available
Excellent logistics and reliable infrastructure available
Drivers of Growth
Rapid urbanisation
Increasing per-capita income
Shift in consumer preference
Growth of online retail segment
Key Policy Targets
₹5000 crore
(US $ 749 million)
Worth of new investments in the sector by 2020
additional employment to be created in the sector by 2020
Key Fiscal Incentives
Relaxation of stocking limit
Stocking limits for essential commodities prescribed under the Essential Commodities Act 1955 shall be relaxed for retail enterprise
Simplification of processes
GoAP will review the existing procedures and rules to simplify and streamline processes as necessary
Benefits to mega retail enterprises
Tailor made benefits to project with at least 100 crore investment or direct employment of 2000
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