June 08, 2017

Winning FDI – A capacity building workshop for Indian States

Mr. J. Krishna Kishore, CEO, APEDB sharing the experiences of APEDB

Invest India in association with World Bank conducted a capacity building workshop for Investment Promotion agencies of  the states of India on 8th & 9th June 2017 in New Delhi.

The workshop was attended by representatives of various state Governments, including the state of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Punjab, Himachal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh amongst others. The workshop was led by officers of the World Bank, Mr. Daniel Nicholas and Mr. Joe Phillip. Senior officials of the Government of India belonging to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, senior representatives of Investment Promotion Agencies and investors.

The first day of the workshop began with discussions on the latest trends in FDI in India, highlighting the sectors which are currently attracting the most amount of investments. There was a discussion on the importance of websites in targeting investors and the growing relevance of the websites in becoming the preliminary interface of interaction with investors. The representatives of the states shared their individual experiences on handling investments into the state. Mr. J. Krishna Kishore, CEO, APEDB, led the discussions by sharing the experiences of APEDB, acting as the single-point of contact for investments into the state of Andhra Pradesh. As India’s most attractive investment destination, the presentation highlighted various aspects of the Investment Promotion and External Engagement activities conducted by the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The day ended with a practical capacity building exercise, with different groups making a presentation on budget allocation for investment promotion.

The second day began with a presentation by Mr. Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary, Department of Investment Policy and Promotion, Government of India. He discussed the latest reforms in India, including the Make in India initiative, FDI policies and tax reforms, which are rapidly transforming India into an attractive investment destination. The representatives of Invest India insisted on need for sub national cooperation to enable seamless investments into India. For this, it was decided that Invest India would engage with the state’s regularly and ensure capacity building and coordination between the different organizations. As aftercare forms a major part of investment promotion and development of the state, the workshop ended with a session on investments aftercare.

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