About Andhra Pradesh Driving India’s Growth Story

Driving Growth and Economic Development

Andhra Pradesh is well positioned to drive India’s growth in the coming years

ap-logo Andhra Pradesh is the 8th largest State in India accounting for 4% of the population.
ap-logo The state's Economy currently at 141 billion US Dollars is being propelled by sustained double-digit growth rate.
ap-logo AP have a 974 Km coastline, which is the second-longest coastline dotted with four large ports and four more ports under development, all of which are ideally suited for robust trade with Asia-Pacific region.
ap-logo Andhra Pradesh has 6 operational airports, which is the highest for any State in India making it conveniently connected to the whole of India and the world.
ap-logo AP produces one engineer from every household and account for over 25% of the IT workforce in India.