December 20, 2017

 Designs for Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Finalized

 Designs for Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Finalized

After his return from the United Kingdom where the Chief Minister met with Lord Norman Foster, Andhra Pradesh government triggered fast-tracking of designs for the proposed world class Secretariat building coming up at the state capital of Amaravati.   Of the two design options, CM chose the one with the Assembly hall on the ground floor and other facilities on floors above. This design includes a watchtower-like space from where visitors could benefit of a bird’s eye view of the capital region. The second design is more conservative and almost square-shaped structurally.

In early December APCRDA shared on its website and social media platforms the digital animated representation of the two designs and crowd-sourced feedback from the public on Amaravati Design layouts. CRDA also organized a two day “‘Amaravati Deep Dive Workshop” on the designs of the iconic government buildings on December 14 and 15. The Assembly design with a viewing tower and a museum and the complex spreads across 17 lakh square feet.

Further, on December 17, in a cabinet meeting led by CM he finalized the 'tower design' for the upcoming Assembly building in its capital Amaravati. The CM and the Ministers voted for the tower-design which also be favored by a majority of the public and picked up between the two final designs. The Foster + Partners would come up with an action plan for its implementation in six to eight weeks. The Chief Minister has clarified that he will review progress in the Secretariat construction every fortnight and the government will update the construction activity on online.

It has also been decided that the construction will be of 432 flats at the cost of Rs 632 crore for legislators and bureaucrats, 1968 flats at Rs 866 crore for non-gazette officials and 1400 flats for gazette and Group D officials at Rs 717 crore will be taken up. All the construction activity will be completed by February 2019.  LBS Zones for farmers who gave away their lands for capital city will also be developed on fast track and the work for Zone 1, 2 and 3 will be completed by November 2020. 

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