December 21, 2017

Andhra Pradesh sets a regulatory framework for direct selling in the state

Andhra Pradesh sets a regulatory framework for direct selling in the state

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has notified the direct selling guidelines putting in place a predictable regulatory environment for the direct-selling industry in India. This notification would result in policy pragmatism, ease of doing business and will be a major boost to the Rs. 10,000 crore direct-selling industry in India.

South India accounts for 1/4th of market share of the direct selling industry and Andhra Pradesh’s entrepreneurial ethos makes it an important state for direct selling entities. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has adopted the Centre’s draft guidelines as final norms for direct-selling business. Andhra Pradesh was part of the inter-ministerial committee established by the government of India for establishing direct-selling guidelines. Sikkim, Chhatisgarh and Telangana had already notified the guidelines and Maharashtra is in the process of notifying the guidelines soon. Being a state subject, direct-selling industry is regulated by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs at the Centre and concerned ministry in states for consumer protection.

Direct selling industry in India has not witnessed large-scale participation owing to lack of regulations in the industry, these direct-selling guidelines would provide the required fillip to the direct selling industry in India and the ‘Andhra Pradesh Direct Selling Guidelines Order 2017’ provides for a framework for compliance for direct selling entities to ensure consumer protection and safeguard against potential fraudulent activity. The Andhra Pradesh government is also setting up a mechanism to monitor and supervise the activities of direct sellers and direct selling entities regarding compliance of the guidelines.

Mr. J. Krishna Kishore, Chief Executive Officer, Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board said “Andhra Pradesh’s entrepreneur ethos makes direct-selling an important aspect of growth especially when South India accounts for 1/4th of India’s direct selling market share”

“The notification of guidelines provides the policy pragmatism and a predictable regulatory environment for the direct selling industry and Andhra Pradesh is poised to lead efforts in furthering investments and job creation in the sector” Leena Jaisani, Assistant Secretary General & Head FICCI – Retail, FMCG, Direct Selling and E-Commerce remarked "Indian Direct Selling Industry is an important component of the Indian economy and acknowledging this, we at FICCI through our focused task force on direct selling is working dedicatedly towards the growth of this industry and seeking regulatory clarity for this new industry."

""FICCI is working closely with the Central and State Governments on the same and. I would like to congratulate Government of Andhra Pradesh for implementing the much awaited guidelines to govern the sector. I am certain that the effective enactment of the same would facilitate the further growth of the sector and act as a growth catalyst in the state.” she added.

Direct-selling is a heavy-employment generating industry with an estimated 50 lakh entrepreneurs engaged in India by this sector. This number is expected to increase to 1.8 crore entrepreneurs by 2025. In terms of gender-parity, direct selling industry plays a critical role in the empowerment of women by offering an opportunity to generate income and acts as an alternative for those desiring to earn flexible income earning opportunities. This notification from the Government of Andhra Pradesh will not only play a key role in entrepreneurship through self-employment, but also have a multiplier effect on the GDP growth rate of the economy.

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