Internship at APEDB 2018
Looking for an internship?

Would you like to be part of the Andhra Pradesh growth story? Are you raring to go to make a difference? Are you excited about making connections in the professional world? Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board is offering an exciting paid internship for two months starting mid- January 2018.

We are looking for young and dynamic interns who
  • have a comprehensive understanding of the State of Andhra Pradesh
  • is a meticulous worker and can pay special attention on detail
  • can communicate and engage with high level representatives from both corporate sector and Government
  • have excellent written communication skills
  • can draft event sponsorship proposals and promotional material
  • solicit and obtain sponsors, vendors and VIK (value in kind) gifts
  • coordinate all on-site venue preparations and breakdowns
  • handle general troubleshooting and problem solving
  • works under strict deadlines
  • develop necessary list of industry publications to submit post event articles for succeeding years event

If you think you are the right fit, email your resume as well as a 1 page write-up comprising of – 500 words on

“What according to you are the priority sector wise enablers for growth in Andhra Pradesh? Bring your views on the economic growth story and GDP to us. Support it with research sources and your own arguments”

Your internship will give you
  • a top of the line experience
  • an opportunity to contribute to APEDB’s success story 2018
  • an occasion to work & learn from experts of Industry as well as Government of Andhra Pradesh influencers
  • a chance to develop your understanding of the State of Andhra Pradesh
  • a platform to grow your network with like-minded interns and career professionals
Number of Positions:
  • (minimum) 5 (maximum) 15
To know APEDB better:
How to apply:
  • Send us your CV along with the proposed write-up to with the subject line “Internship at APEDB 2018”
  • APEDB will only be able to respond to those applications that are shortlisted.

Apply to EDB

Please send in your resumes to: